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Looking to reason for being..........

Posted on: August 18, 2009 3:54 pm

...........on this site.  The FFL package offered by CBS hooked our league seven years ago.  They have lead the way in customization and maintaining league histories.  I fell in love with their FFL site after my previous and now post experiences playing and running leagues on other sites.  Yahoo, NFL(a retarded version of CBS), ESPN and Roto all left me feeling ripped off for what I had paid.  I waqs fortunate to land my 12 year pay league here 7 years ago.  The commentary and message boards are secondary to my existance here.  They are fun, but not the reason for the site.  I do have an odd observation.  It appears that the less you participate.........the higher your score.  Somewhere between 2-4 quality posts a month will keep you at 99.  The more you post the lower your score goes.  It is wierd.

Random Thoughts #1 about FFL this season..........

Brett Favre will throw 20-25 td's and 15-20 int's for 3000-3500 yds.  He just will.  He is better then Sage or Tavarius even if he only showed up on Sundays and never practiced.  He will make AP a real #1 pick in the draft.  AP is a beast and will run wild now that they can legitimately throw the ball.

This makes the Giants, Eagles and Vikings my top three NFC teams.  The Giants have the best O and D line in football.  They will dominate the line of scrimmage.  Get Brandon Jacobs.

The Denver Broncos are a mess and will be lucky to win 4-5 games with their absolutely brutal schedule.  Ten foot pole for every FFL player on that team.  Chicago and Denver traded inconsistent/bad QB's.  Cutler was just a shade better, but let's see how he does without Marshall.  The only players I take from the Bears are Forte and Gould.  Gould will get to kick a lot this year.

If you do not take Tom Brady after at least the third are crazy.  I would take him #1 if I had that pick this year.  I pick 9th and 12th in my money leagues.  He will not get past me....that is for sure.  It will be like 2007 only with more talent at WR and RB.  Get him if you can.  The separation between Brady and other QB's will be huge.  I love Peyton, but c'mon now, Brady to Moss, who can stop em'.

TJ Duckett will get a ton of TD shots this year in Seattle with his old coach from ATL.

The Patriots, Steelers, Chargers and Colts are the teams to beat in the AFC.  Get as many players from these teams as possible.  They are good and consistant. 

LT will not havbe the speed he once had, but he will get enough carries to be a top ten RB this year.  He knows where the endzone is and will get 12-15 scores this year with 1600-1800 combined yards.

If Kurt Warner stays healthy..........they could score on pace with the Patriots.  Boldin and Fitz are ridiculous.

Ten foot poles should also be issued for Cleveland/Detriot/Tampa/Oakland and St. Louis.  You should not have to be told this if you play on a regular basis.  Any success you have had with these teams is purely luck and you will eventually be punished by the FFL Gods. 

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