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Looking to reason for being..........

...........on this site.  The FFL package offered by CBS hooked our league seven years ago.  They have lead the way in customization and maintaining league histories.  I fell in love with their FFL site after my previous and now post experiences playing and running leagues on other sites.  Yahoo, NFL(a retarded version of CBS), ESPN and Roto all left me feeling ripped off for what I had paid.  I waqs fortunate to land my 12 year pay league here 7 years ago.  The commentary and message boards are secondary to my existance here.  They are fun, but not the reason for the site.  I do have an odd observation.  It appears that the less you participate.........the higher your score.  Somewhere between 2-4 quality posts a month will keep you at 99.  The more you post the lower your score goes.  It is wierd.

Random Thoughts #1 about FFL this season..........

Brett Favre will throw 20-25 td's and 15-20 int's for 3000-3500 yds.  He just will.  He is better then Sage or Tavarius even if he only showed up on Sundays and never practiced.  He will make AP a real #1 pick in the draft.  AP is a beast and will run wild now that they can legitimately throw the ball.

This makes the Giants, Eagles and Vikings my top three NFC teams.  The Giants have the best O and D line in football.  They will dominate the line of scrimmage.  Get Brandon Jacobs.

The Denver Broncos are a mess and will be lucky to win 4-5 games with their absolutely brutal schedule.  Ten foot pole for every FFL player on that team.  Chicago and Denver traded inconsistent/bad QB's.  Cutler was just a shade better, but let's see how he does without Marshall.  The only players I take from the Bears are Forte and Gould.  Gould will get to kick a lot this year.

If you do not take Tom Brady after at least the third are crazy.  I would take him #1 if I had that pick this year.  I pick 9th and 12th in my money leagues.  He will not get past me....that is for sure.  It will be like 2007 only with more talent at WR and RB.  Get him if you can.  The separation between Brady and other QB's will be huge.  I love Peyton, but c'mon now, Brady to Moss, who can stop em'.

TJ Duckett will get a ton of TD shots this year in Seattle with his old coach from ATL.

The Patriots, Steelers, Chargers and Colts are the teams to beat in the AFC.  Get as many players from these teams as possible.  They are good and consistant. 

LT will not havbe the speed he once had, but he will get enough carries to be a top ten RB this year.  He knows where the endzone is and will get 12-15 scores this year with 1600-1800 combined yards.

If Kurt Warner stays healthy..........they could score on pace with the Patriots.  Boldin and Fitz are ridiculous.

Ten foot poles should also be issued for Cleveland/Detriot/Tampa/Oakland and St. Louis.  You should not have to be told this if you play on a regular basis.  Any success you have had with these teams is purely luck and you will eventually be punished by the FFL Gods. 

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Indianapolis Colts Getting Back to the Superbowl

I hope they can get back there in the next couple of years.  I feel good about the draft and resigning the players they did, but they do have some stiff competition from several other AFC teams.  The New England Patriots will be back this year with a healthy Tom Brady and unfinished business from their Superbowl loss they could not address last year.  The San Diego Chargers are not going away and seem to have the Colts number.  The Jaguars, Titans and Texans are all improving each year.

The Colts have a window of about 6-8 years to get back there and win before Manning will be done.  Finding a franchise QB is in my estimation the most difficult position to fill in sports.  Maybe a dominating center in the NBA is harder, but an NFL MVP type QB is one of the toughest regardless.  Detroit hasn't had one for fifty years.  The 49ers have struggled since Montana/Young.  The Broncos are missing Elway.  The Bills miss Jim Kelly.  The Dolphins have yet to find another Dan Marino.  The Packers will struggle for years to find the next Brett Favre.  The are more Ryan Leafs than Peyton Mannings.  I don't think anyone debates this point.  The Colts need to strike again before the door slams shut.

Bill Pollian has all my confidence.  I hated to see Marvin Harrison go.  I won't particularly miss Tony Dungy.  I think we won one in spite of him and not because of him.  I hope his departure will spring the team forward with improvement to special teams and in game decision making.  It certainly could go the other way.  Caldwell could take them out of contention.  I did appreciate the consistant 12 win seasons Tony produced.  I like winning.  I am sure though that Peyton can't play forever and they need to sell out for the next five years and get what they can. 

Picking up the DT's in the draft should be the key to tightening up the run defense that has plagued the Colts.  Bob Sanders may actually get to play his position and stay healthy.  The Colts have 5 of their top ten highest payed players on each side of the ball.  This season may be the most balanced the Colts have started a season in 10 years.  10 years ago they were horrible on both sides of the ball.  Picking Donald Brown in the first round will be looked back upon as genius for Pollian.  Joseph Addai has been a great back, but in today's NFL you need at least two to tango.  The days of the single stud RB are disappearing.  Getting a back of that caliber with a pick that late in the first round will be a steal.  If they can run the ball and stop the run...............well I think I have heard that saying as a formula for winning from every coach ever interviewed.
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State of the Stars............


I took the family to the Ducks game on Saturday.  Knew I would be able to get cheap scalper tix.  We landed four together for half price in the lower level.  This is the only good thing about a losing streak.  Did not see Sundays game,but have seen the last 7 or 8 all the way through.  They have played well enough to win 3 of the 5 in this losing streak including Saturday's game.  They have played hard and with a great deal of character.  They have out hit, out shot and out played the other teams.  They just can't out talent them right now.

I held back on any comment about Steve Ott.  I wanted to see the NHL do the right thing.  I didn't want to be drawn offsides by those haters out there who haven't seen Ott develop the way he has with the broken hand.  He is no longer just the goon or agitator.  He is playing high level hockey on the top scoring line and producing.  He has even managed to rub off somewhat on Mike Ribiero.  I don't know if anyone else has noticed his hits and general fiesty-ness.  It has been fun to watch.  Ott has really become a player this year.  The NHL did the right thing.  Reviewing the footage shows a guy fighting to keep from being pounded to a pulp.  The eye gouge may have been real or accidental, but not premeditated.  One game was probably one game too much.

The Tail Spin is just unfortunate.  I hope they can pull back and pretend.....or contend.  Either way I just hope they don't give up some promising young talent to get some old rented overpaid help.  These guys have played like a team and deserve to play it out.  Nothing can be done about Morrow, Richards and Zubov.  We can't kid ourselves into thinking that we would beat Detroit or the Sharks without those three and no rest for Turco.  This does not ruin the fun I have had watching this group battle it out.  I want to commend them for their outstantding effort.  I will continue to try to get to as many games as I can. 

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Changes to the site...............

The past two weeks I have really stepped up on my participation fueled by the changes taking place on the site.  I was one who had an avatar that was going to be removed.  I submitted a different one and tried to get a review with a response from Golf Guy or Coleridge.  That wasn't working.  They have a bunch to review and a bunch of requests, but I could not understand why they replied to so many jerks and I couldn't get a simple explanation.  Then I finally caved and submitted the obligatory NFL logo item.  We will see.  I have placed my opinion about the changes on several boards with several posts.  I am not in favor, but realize that there is nothing that will reverse these actions.  They are moving forward.

What I don't understand is how we are cut down for activity.  It is not the quality of activity that seems to cut you down, just the quantity.  My Value rating has dropped like a stone in water.  The more I participate the faster I fall.  I was in the top 1K two weeks ago with a 99 and now it is a 96 and soon it will be 91.  This has happened to all those who are active.  The less active you are the less the math manipulates your scores.  I have read their explanations of purges and whatever.  I have seen those who only post once in a great while stay highly rated.  I have posted several high rated thoughts.  I started to Blog.  I played their stupid games.  I rated selectively.  I tried all the things they list.  Plop.........right down you go.  It is just weird how they seem to punish effort.

So we will see how the changes really work over the next few months, but I for one don't see any improvement yet.  I see contradictory results and disrespect to the people that drive the sight.  The Users. 

3/3/09 As a follow up FYI look at Pete_Prisco.  His blog entries are nearly every day and his value is below 30.  What?

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Is Daniel Snyder a bigger idiot then Mark Cuban?

This is the first thought I had when I heard about the deals Daniel Snyder made 30 seconds into free agency.  For the record, I have no feeling for the Washington Redskins on way or the other.  I have rooted for them and against them in the past.  I live in the Dallas area but transferred from Indianapolis and I am a Colts fan.  Living in the DFW area has given me a sideline seat to watch the Mark Cuban show.  Big Dollars..........Big Hits and even Bigger Misses.  It is always entertaining.  He just shreds money like a lunatic.  He must be related to Snyder somehow.  I do not know all the story lines, but have seen enough of his antics to be amazed.

Signing Albert Haynesworth to a 100 million dollar deal has to be the biggest mistake in waiting ever.  He has just given a guy who has motivational and weight problems enough money to build a donut shop in his house.  As a Colts fan I couldn't be happier.  It is the number of sack on Manning I was concerned about.  It is the cheap hit I knew was coming that now may be averted.  This guy stands a real solid chance at making over a million dollars a tackle or more then 5 million dollars a sack over his seven year projected career for the skins.  I have a hard time seeing his fat/hotheaded a$$ staying as productive now that he has been paid.  This is not even considering the fact that he has proven to be a bad guy on the field.  Has a temper that makes it incredible he has not found his way to jail.  Ding, ding, ding.............I would like to announce we have just given Albert Facestomper a 100 million dollar contract!

Then for a special bonus Snyder signs DeAngelo Hall to a long term contract.  Is he mixing Ambien with Alcohol?  Snyder is giving out suitcases of money to two real high quality, high character guys.  It is beyond me that he is still the young bull running down the mountain at the cows all hopped up on goofballs.  I can't believe he hasn't learned from previous mistakes.  How did he get all that money................the lottery?  What a show me a laugh.  I think Snyder is Indian for Deperate.   


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Killin' Time..........Thinkin' Stars

Just killin' time at home today with a sick child and thinkin' what has happened to the Stars this year is just wrong.  The injuries pulled the rug out from under them twice.  Morrow and Richards are devastating injuries.  The two players you couldn't take from this team are out.  It is a shame.  Coming off of last years playoff run and battling back from a tough start and the loss of Morrrow...........then you lose Richards.  Now they are on a three game losing streak at home and the momentum is just not enough anymore.  I want the Stars to make the playoffs, but at what cost?  This is the thing.

There is always talk of who you could get.  Last year they got Brad Richards for Mike Smith.  I make that trade over and over and over again without regret.  Turco has had to play every game this year, but that is only because of the poor start.  Every game is critical now.  There are plenty of lists of players with fat contracts or bad seasons working that can be had.  The thing is.......who could the Stars give to get some help?  I would pass smooth out if it is James Neal, Fabian Brunnstrom, Matt Niskanen or Niklas Grossman.  These are the young players who truly have potential.  The players other teams dumping old and expensive will want.  We do not need to make the playoffs that badly this year.

I am assuming that players like Modano, Lehtinen, Robidas, Ribeiro, Ott, Eriksson, Daly, Turco, Morrow and Richards are untouchable.  The balance of the team appears as a list of marginal players to date.  A group of we will wait and see players.  I am more inclined to let the deadline pass and see if the team can use the time this year to play the young guys.  Maybe save the legs of the old guys and circle the wagons for next year.  The Stars have played their hearts out and kept me interested all year.  I just do not want to see them give up the promising young talent for now players when San Jose and Detroit loom in the West.



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Marvin Harrison..........Goobye and Thanks

It seems as though I have spent a great deal of time in the last two years being upset with the way people have viewed Marvin Harrison.  The creation of the media I guess.  The constant picking threw trash like rodents.  I have no way to defend him on the trouble in Philly, but as for his time as a Colt he was without equal.  He was never sitting on the bench pouting as they tried indicate in the last two years.  Did they ever see a Colts game prior to his injury?  Marvin sat in the same seat for his entire career.  The same way he did everything.  Played hard, practiced hard, gave himself up for a ball, went about his business quietly and with respect for his team.  He was my favorite player.

It would take too long for me to enumerate his list of accomplishments or unforgettable moments.  I have been die hard Colts fan since I watched them lose to the Jets in the first game at the Hoosier Dome from my Dad's season ticket seats.  My favorite players list includes Albert Bentley, Billy Brooks, Jim Harbaugh, Marshall Faulk, Duane Bickett, Jeff Herod and Rohn Stark.  Yes..........Rohn Stark............that dude could kick a football.  He kept the Colts in many a game.  None of the past players or present players gave me as much joy as watching Marvin come darting across the field like he just ran off the bench and no one a saw him.  My questions for years was "How does he do it?  How does he get that wide open?  How do the other teams not cover him?"  The answer was they couldn't or they would have.

I posted this today on another blog:

If you know enough about Marvin Harrison then you know he spends all his free time in Philly.  He has a mother that he sees during the season at every free chance.  He has businesses, family and friends all in the area.  It is his home.  I can easily understand him wanting to go home, play for his home team and with his former college QB.  He has made his money and I do not think this is about money. 

Marvin has been m favorite player for a long time.  I was a huge Billy Brooks fan and when he went to Buffalo it was sad.  Marvin struck me instantly.  I could not believe his shifty speed.  His ability to catch anything even close.  His ability to seem like he was always running around uncovered.  I specifically remember one game in Indy where he made Deon Sanders look like a fool.  I will miss his greatness terribly.

The media can't get enough of his decline.  He was injured.  He came back to an injured QB who missed him wide open on at least 6 scores in the first 6 games this year.  Marvin was open often this year and did not see the ball on target or at all.  I will say that he did drop some balls that he had always found a way to catch in the past.  He appears somewhat hesitant in the middle of the field.  I get that...........I'm 41 now and would not go out looking for a fight like you might at 21.  The shifty speed is still there and his ability to get free is still there.  I wish he could stay in Indy and retire a Colt.  I would hate to see him in an Eagles uniform.  I would like to thank him for all the dynamic memories he has given me.

I have typed dozens like it over the years.  Good Luck will be missed.




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